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Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley


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Looking for an activist club? Since 2004 we have walked hundreds if not thousands of precincts for our endorsed candidates, raised in 6 figures, phoned tens of thousands, registered thousands to vote, held informational forums, lobbied in Sacramento for fair elections and for healthcare, gotten into the Democratic party structure. Among Santa Clara County Democratic clubs we're known as the club that walks the walk; our endorsement is sought after. See our full list of our accomplishments for 2014 & previous years.
Drop by a meeting & get to know us! You'll find us lively, well-informed, nonideological, practical, and good to be working alongside for a brighter future. To join, click Membership on the left.

Check our calendar & notices below for meeting information. All are welcome!

  • Second Wednesday of the month (as of April 2014), 7-9pm, Santa Clara county Democratic HQ in San Jose, or members' homes in Santa Clara county; see notes below
  • Working (business) meeting 12 days later (2nd Monday after the 2nd Wednesday, except none in June or December), 6:30-8:45pm. Hobee's, in The Oaks shopping center, off Stevens Creek near Hwy 85, across from De Anza College
  • Annual picnic/election of officers in June
  • Other occasions, e.g. watch parties, forums, candidate events
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Next Meetings

NOTE: At our last working meeting, the club voted to change our meeting days:
Link (program) meeting: second Monday of the month
Working (business) meeting: fourth Monday of the month
Dean Democratic Club Link Meeting
MONDAY March 2

Reform Prop 13 Now!

The Dean Democratic Club is pleased to present speaker Courtney McDonald from Evolve on Reform of Prop 13. Loopholes in Prop. 13 have crippled California, decimated our education system, increased government gridlock, and created a massive handout to corporations. All this comes at the expense of students, working families, and everyday homeowners. Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share.

4284 Los Palos Circle, Palo Alto 94306, near El Camino and Arastradero
6:30pm for munchies (bring something to share if you can)
7pm program. All are welcome.

Working meeting Monday March 23
Hobee's across from DeAnza College/Flint Center
Stevens Creek off Hwy 85, Cupertino
Dean Democratic Club Link Meeting
MONDAY April 13
program and location TBD
Working meeting Monday April 27
Hobee's across from DeAnza College/Flint Center
Stevens Creek off Hwy 85, Cupertino
CONGRATULATIONS to our members who won seats on the state Democratic Party!

· AD24 Winners: Elspeth Farmer (top female vote-getter), Margaret Okuzumi, *Lorri Holtzberg, Jackie Wheeler; Jim Griffith (top vote-getter), *Lucas Ramirez, *Andrew Heaton, Otto Lee

AD24 executive board rep: *Steve Chessin

· AD28 Winner: John Comiskey

(*Dean club not their primary club, but hey.)
Note that at least 3 other members (Marcene van Dierendonck, Emilie Gatfield, Jill Chesler) are going as county central committee reps, appointed, etc., possibly more delegates to come.
Now in our ELEVENTH YEAR of stellar activism!
Last Updated on Sunday, 01 March 2015 15:20

Goals and Task Forces 2015

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In January, members voted to decide on our goals and task forces for the year. Task forces will further prioritize what they'll work on. Sign up for a task force at any of our meetings!

  1. Good government (41 votes) : pass DISCLOSE Act, anti-corruption act; remove safe harbor, overturn top-two primary, more
  2. Economic justice (35 votes) reduce college tuition, get student loan refinance bill, more
  3. Environment (34 votes) county anti-fracking measure, keep out oil trains, hold firm on Palo Alto composting, work against climate change, protect Clean Air & Water Act
  4. Criminal justice (17 votes) Homeless Bill of Rights; work to eliminate criminal Grand Jury system; invite LaDoris Cordell to speak, more
  5. Club building (13 votes) raise $7500, increase paid membership by 50; Facebook to 500+, use MeetUp to reach younger activists
  6. Candidates/campaigns (12 votes) work with Renteria & Eggman campaigns for 2016; DFA club & voter reg in Eggman's district, recruit progressive women to run, more
  7. Outreach(10 votes) increase relationship with Working Partnerships, invide Derecka Mehrens to speak, consider meeting days so we don't conflict with other clubs

What do you want to get involved in?

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:59